Midweek Class: Byron Parsons

Midweek Class: Byron Parsons

Jul 2018 - Aug 2018

How do we move from ever-increasing religious activities to passionate and powerful experiences of God? How do we recognize and disarm the limiting beliefs and distorted self-image that holds us back? Those are the things that keep us from embracing our true selves. Do they hinder us from enjoying the amazing promises of God and the adventures to which God beckons us?

In Walk This Way: The Spirit-Led Life, author Byron Parson reveals the exciting lives awaiting us as we correct erroneous views of God and open up to His unique plans and leadership in our lives.

Byron unpacks the power of acceptance and couples it with reminders of the multitude of blessings ALREADY available to believers.

Byron has created an incredible pathway to declutter our unhealthy and sometimes harmful views of God. He offers a warm and sensitive approach to the most powerful relationship we can have on this earth.

"Walk This Way" successfully navigates the thin line between deep spiritual concepts and on-the-spot practical advice. It dives into the depths of the reader’s fundamental beliefs and emotions. It provides a roadmap that, when followed, has the power to change believers from dutiful followers into transformative reflections of God’s love, mercy, and power. It is a guide for how we can see our Creator in new ways no matter how old our relationship with Him.

Here’s what you can expect to gain along the way if you can muster the courage to look inside your heart and stay open to the powerful truths of God:

• Understanding and awareness of the great influence your view of God has on your life

• Practical tools for identifying and overcoming false beliefs

• Straightforward process for accepting empowering truths

• Skills and emotional space to bring forth untapped abilities

• Access to the Spirit’s wisdom for guidance and inspiration in all aspects of your life

• Healing, wholeness, and transformation through intimacy with God

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